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I just bought a brand new MacBook Pro and when I use the remote control feature and try to load videos that I've downloaded on the iTunes music store, nothing plays. Has this happened to anyone else?
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Walk through the steps for us. At what point does "nothing play"?
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Response by poster: I hit menu on the remote. That cool screen loads up with a "whoosh." I click MOVIES. And then from that point on, anything I select--whether it's a movie trailer, or something on my hard drive--the player doesn't play anything. I see the timeline thing at the bottom so I know it thinks it's playing---there's just no sound or images. Can anyone explain this?
posted by adrober at 3:44 PM on July 19, 2006

New Macs quite often ship with old software and early versions of Front Row are buggy. Go to System Preferences > Software Update > Check Now and make sure you have everything installed.
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Have you authorized iTunes on this new computer yet to be part of your iTMS account? (Advanced -> Authorize Computer…) Do the videos play in iTunes but not in Front Row?
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