How did singer Bobby Bloom die?
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Bobby Bloom is the artist on one of my favorite 70s pop songs, Montego Bay. How did he die?

According to wikipedia and many many other sites, he "was killed on February 28, 1974 in an accidental shooting after suffering from depression." Does that mean he accidently shot himself? How? Or did somebody else shoot him? I can't find anything else about the incident -- does anybody know more about it?
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According to this, Bobby Bloom, who sang the 1970 hit “Montego Bay,” died in 1974 at age 28 of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.
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I would say that he was pissing around with a weapon and shot himself due to a negligent discharge. Depressed people may sometimes practice their suicide fantasies before actually doing the deed, by the looks of things he was simulating the event and pulled the trigger without actually meaning to do so. Pretty much every site I've seen says "suspicious circumstances" but that's my reading of the event.
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There's some details here:

Unfortunately, he died of a gunshot wound. Somebody shot him, in a fight over a girl. It was crazy! He kicked down a door, and ran into the room, and the guy reached for a gun. I don’t think they ever found the guy.
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