Finding Fun in Falmouth
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Anything hip to do on Cape Cod?

So I find myself take a very nice break this summer and living in a beach house in Falmouth, MA. I know, poor me. Downtime is great and all, but I don't know anything about this place and was wondering if people knew anything fun to do besides be a beach bum. So far, all I've discovered is the Woods Hole Film Festival and the Cape Cod Baseball League (Craigslist Cape Cod is pretty dead).
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There are all kinds of cultural events up at P-town. Rent a bike and ride through the dunes. I think you can rent canoes and kayaks and explore Pamet harbor. And you must eat at Clem and Ursies.
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For ideas check out this previous thread.

Rent a bike and traverse the many Cape Cod trails.

Head to Provincetown and bike the trails through the dunes of the Cape Cod National Seashore and swing by Clem & Ursie's (Shankpainter Rd. in P-town) for lunch or dinner.

Consider a whale-watching tour, leaving from MacMillan Pier in P-town.
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Or, what LarryC said ;-)
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If you do rent a kayak and explore Pamet Harbor, etc., I recommend reading Paul Schneider's The Enduring Shore: A History of Cape Cod, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket which is an account of his exploration of the region and its history via his kayak.
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Having lived in Woods Hole for four years, I would suggest talking to the people at Coffee Obsession (call it "Coffee O" for either, and "CO2" for the "WoHo" store) as well as the people at Pie in the Sky. They're probably the hippest people in town. You might not even have to talk to them, as there are usually a lot of posters up for various events. I don't think Open Mike Night happens during the summer (at the Captain Kidd, or "the Kidd") otherwise I'd tell you to go there, but you might want to ask around just in case.
I would also suggest catching up on your independent films at the Nickelodeon ("the Nick", of course), although you might be tired of films after the film festival.
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Spend several hours combing the Brewster Flats (make sure you go at low tide), and finish off with a visit to Cobie's. Never fails to make me really happy.
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Cape Cod is a great place, but hip it ain't. I don't know much about the Lower Cape, but see if there are local independent bookshops/coffeshops/music shops that have bulletin boards or calendars of upcoming events. The Cape Cod Times has a pretty good calendar of events online, too.
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The Easy Tease is playing in Woods Hole on the 26th... always a great show!
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There's a great drive in movie theatre near Wellfleet. I don't know if it's hip or not, but it's a nice change of pace from being indoors. There's also a theatre.
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drive in movie theatre near Wellfleet.

Wellfleet Drive-in Theater.
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Yeah, you're at the non-hip end of the Cape; drive out to Wellfleet and Provincetown. The Wellfleet Harbor Actor's Theater has a good play starting on Thursday. P-town has lots to do but I'm not sure what people see in Clem & Ursies - although the indian pudding is good.
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I'm not sure what people see in Clem & Ursies

Great seafood. The outside sushi-bar is great.

For other great seafood there's always The Lobster Pot, but often teaming with day-trippers and tourists.
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The Lobster Pot is often *teeming* with teams of tourists and day-trippers!
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Can't disagree with what everyone has already said. I love (*really*) the Cape, but "hip"? Not so much.

Some things to note - Falmouth is about 70 miles from P'town and it can take two hours to get there especially on a good mid-summer's day; the Shining Sea Bike Path in Falmouth (to Woods Hole) is short (about 3.5 miles) but gorgeous... you can ride it, walk it, or roller-blade it, whatever; its a short (and inexpensive) ferry ride from Woods Hole to the Vineyard... great shopping, great food, great scenery, beaches, etc, you can rent a skiff in Edgartown Harbor and cruise over to Chappaquiddick... all in all a nice day trip and you can bring a bike; again, maybe not hip, but a good take is the Heritage Museum in Sandwich especially if you appreciate antique cars.

There are about a jillion options from a Canal Cruise (underappreciated... I may take one this weekend) to Whale Watching (you can also catch whale watch cruises from Barnstable and Hyannis Harbors if you don't want to drive all the way to P'town). If you're into sports fishing, you're in the right place too, both from shore or charter a boat for an offshore trip.

My favorite time of the year is the fall (less crowded) but stay cool in the traffic, and just enjoy!

Oh - almost forgot! If tyou're a golfer, try to get out on the Ocean Course at New Seabury. It's a "links" style course that runs along Nantuket Sound and is beautiful as well as challenging.

Have a great trip.
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The NOAA facility at P-town is really cool. Where the Alvin submersible is stationed.

...hip for a nerd, I guess.
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Yes: make sure you have shutters for the windows.
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Cape Sushi is not Clem & Ursies! Although you can sit at C&U and Kate or Tom will bring you sushi. It's Andrew's baby, and will close after this summer since he's moving to Ohio. Very sad, I've been there 3+ times a week the past couple of summers...
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Cape Sushi is not Clem & Ursies!

Exactly. While indeed Cape Sushi is a separate enterprise from C&U ... it is located at the same premises.

You can eat at their outside sushi bar which is located to the right of the C&U enterance -- behind the flowing fabric dividers.

If you desire, indeed Kate or Tom (or others) will be happy to deliver sushi to you at C&U, if, perchance, you happen to be dining there.
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Please, pass along some more of that wonderul saki.
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