Who is funding iSketch's Online Pictionary?
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Do I dare? [more inside]

The answer is probably no, but it did get me thinking... where does isketch come from? It obviously takes up quite a bit of bandwidth and is constantly being developed (although I wish they'd allow accounts already) but it apparently has no income. So who's supporting it?
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No! Don't feed those hounds.
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iSketch was developed by SP Production AB, of Nyköping, Sweden.
The company provides web design services for much of Europe, and is also trying to expand their services into software development - namely, educational and preformatted websites.

The outfit has another product for sale - something called Kampanj+, intended for "internet campaigns and preformated business emails according to corporate brand management guidelines...the system is also cost effective when users can be, at all times, present through emails on the client market."

Sound familiar?
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As long as it gets all the MeFites off Globulos so I can get back on there, I'm all for it.
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