My whack explanation needs refining
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I have this weird theory involving ghosts (sort of) and I want to know if there are essays or writers out there with similar theories I can use to develop my own...

Ok, this is kind of abstract, so pardon if any of this is vague.
This is the short version-- I kind of believe in ghosts, not in the sense that people are coming back from the afterlife to send messages or what have you, but more in this sense: that spaces (homes, buildings, outdoor spaces) themselves have a kind of memory that retains the essence of powerful spirits (and by spirits, I don't mean souls, I just mean spirit as in exhuberance of personality for example). When someone with a powerful spirit dies in some uncommon/unnecessary way that the spirit leaves an imprint on the memory of the space they occupied. And this is what those who see or sense ghosts actually experience.
What I want is not approval or agreement of my theory-- I just want to know if anyone has read or can direct me to sources that similarly reflect what I'm trying to get at that I can use to make the explanation of my idea a little clearer or to expand what I already think. Thanks!
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Place Memory?

Yes it's a link to a Google search, turns up some fairly relevant looking links though. I hope they are useful.
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This is a very common "theory" among ghost hunters and it's been in the popular media hundreds of times. In addition to "place memory," some people call it "residual haunting."

It's still not known if the ionization-rate is constant for all ectoplasmic entities so you may have some trouble making those connections. Good luck.
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That's the explanation used by most people who believe in such things. Get just about any book on paranormal research and that'll do it for you.
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You might also come across the phrase "Stone Tape Theory" - a Google search for that will send you in a useful direction.
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When someone with a powerful spirit dies in some uncommon/unnecessary way that the spirit leaves an imprint on the memory of the space they occupied.

By what means? Have you considered more mundane explanations?
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Perhaps you should read some of the latest pop science to see if the concept of memory can include something had by a place. I'm not sure what it would mean to have a memory without a brain or collection of brains (like a society).
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The writings of Carlos Castaneda - be they truth, fantasy, or whatever - contain very eloquent and systematized ways of understanding the phenomena you describe.

I don't believe in it, but I found it quite entertaining reading nonetheless.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys-- yeah I was mostly just looking for a term I could use to describe this as I haven't really known what to search for. As for my question format-- throw me a bone, it's my first question here--
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