Single guy needs furniture.
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Please recommend your living room set if you like it!

Hello all. I just moved into a new place, and I'm trying to find some furniture for my living room. I'm not specifically looking for anything in-particular (heh, stuff that is comfortable and classy). Tables, Easy Chairs, side tables, lights...whatever. So all recommendations are welcome!

I'd like to keep to a budget of around 2k for the initial attack. I would also like to order the furniture online. The furniture stores around here suck! Ideally I'd be able to try it out, but since I'm somewhat limited on that I really need your advice.

About me: I'm a single man in his early twenties always trying to get his groove on. Oh yeah! A little mini bar, or something would be really cool! Or even a full blown bar would be super sweet.... hmm i'm getting some ideas. heh.

P.S. I'm also looking for an outdoor furniture set. I have a HUGE patio at my new place, and need to fill it with something.
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Response by poster: Oh yeah! I have no TV. In fact, I don't want one. So I don't want a living room revolving around a TV that I do not have. I have an extra bed-room for that (if I do ever get a TV.)
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I don't have anything to recommend to you as I really don't like "living room sets" . However, you might want to take a look thru Apartment Therapy's Coolest, Smallest Apartment Contests (2005 and 2006) just to get a glimpse at what other people are doing with their places. Sometimes it's not about the furniture alone, but color and layout, etc.

I buy most of my stuff on eBay or Craigslist. I bought a pair of these chairs on CL, as well as this couch (though I've since had to sell the couch. *shakes fist*). My favorite furniture seller on eBay is this guy, though he has nothing up right now. He ships worldwide and often has amazing tables, chairs, and couches, if you like Danish Modern furniture.
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Response by poster: That is what I mean. Not necessarily a "set" as in you buy an initial set. I just really need furniture and don't have any taste like normal people!
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Having recent;ly purchased a corner sofa, I don't know how we ever managed without one - it's fantastic! Comfortable to sit or lie (or, you know, other stuff) on, facilitates conversation, and really looks the part.

Other than that, a decent low coffee table is a must - we've got a nice glass-topped one, under which we store the large hardbacked "The Earth From The Air" photo book - always a good conversation piece.

What else you'd have in there depends on (a) how long you plan to spend in there, and (b) what you plan to do there. Bookshelves, CD/DVD racks, plants, fish, lava lamp, shisha/hookah pipe...
As Dobbs points out, colour and layout will have a big impact - as does lighting. I fitted a 3-way ceiling light pointing at our bookcase, our CDs/DVDs, and the dining table - this is controlled by a dimming switch to give nice low lighting when required. We've also got two uplighters in opposing corners of the room, which really adds to the ambience.
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I just ordered about $500 worth of modern furniture grooviness from All Modern Furniture.

I got some of the Quebeko Pablo Plus collection. Loves it.
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