Voting in Foreign Elections
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Can I vote in the Dutch elections in November? I have dual US and Netherlands citizenship. I have only voted in US elections in the past, never in Holland. How do I find out if I can vote in the upcoming Dutch elections, what I need to do, etc., and importantly, will I jeopardize my US citizenship by doing so? Thank you.
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Don't know about the Dutch side of things, but on the American side, voting in a foreign election won't cause you to lose your U.S. citizenship. This used to be the case, but Congress repealed this provision in 1978.
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I don't know, but I'd start with your Consulate. That's usually who answers these things, I think, and if not they'll know who does.
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Yes, you can vote from abroad. I've done it several times. You have to register as a voter. Dutch citizens within Holland are automatically registered, but those living abroad have to register at least 6 weeks in advance to receive a ballot:
The English version of the site won't load at the moment, but here is the info in Dutch.
Basically it says that your consulate has the registration form. Once you've registered for one election, you'll automatically be invited to register for future elections as well.
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