Need some wheels.
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Looking for a wheel kit for my ATA case.

I found just what I need here but this company no longer sells them. I was thinking of going to home depot and buying 4 wheels to slap on the case but this kit looks more stable. Anyone know of a resource for such a kit? Any DIY'ers who could offer tips? The case is for a Peavey 50-410 Classic. Thanks for any answers you may have!
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I don't see why you couldn't do it yourself. You might consider trying to do something quite similar to what they have, by attaching the wheels to a "plate" and bolting that plate to the case, through what appears to be some existing holes in the case. I can't tell what the plate it but it looks like maybe 1/2" plywood or something.

Honestly there probably wouldn't even be a problem with just bolting wheels straight to the case.

There are a lot cheaper sources for casters than home depot. I often buy stuff like that from Grizzly
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I take it back, it requires you to drill your own holes anyway. So I say go for it. The "plate" method is easier to remove later, marginally, since it only leaves 2 holes in your case instead of 16. But no big deal really, I say.
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I bought this one from CompUSA for only $15. It saved me drilling, modding, etc and works perfectly.
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If you decide to bolt whels on, make sure you put some type of load-distributing plate (Like the aluminum one in your link, or a larger plywood one) between the case bottom and the wheel - Or the first time somebody gets one of those wheels caught in a (pavement crack, ramp lip, etc...) at full tilt, it's gonna rip right out - Which is The Big Ugly during a 2a loadout.
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Response by poster: Thanks Rusty and Orb2069. I was thinking the plate idea would probably be the best for the reasons you outline. Since the case is 1/4" (not a true ATA case), those wheels would be gone after our next show. I'm hoping that I can find a kit to do this but maybe some elbow grease is in order.

JJ86 - Are you using that for an amp case?
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KevinSkomsvold: Sorry, I misread the question as referring to a computer case.
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Response by poster: Rusty, thanks for the Grizzly link. I missed it the first time around. That's exactly what I need!
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Response by poster: Rusty (or anyone) another related question. Those casters in the Grizzly link; how are those measured? Center to edge?
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measurement is probably diameter
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