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The movie _Big Night_ had a wonderful scene with a dish they called tympani. It is actually a traditional dish, although perhaps not as massive as it was in the film. The idea is that the tympani is filled to the brim with goodies like sausage, eggs, ravioli, etc. I have been able to find only one version of a receipe through google, but this particular method uses a loose pasta bottom/sides, and a shortbread-type top. I am more interested in experimenting with something that looks more like the movie version, albeit smaller (for those of you that have not seen the move, first, run out and rent it...the tympani looks as if it uses sheet pasta all around). Any advice for cooking with sheet pasta as a crust on a large pie-type dish?
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You're spelling it wrong. It's "timpano." Here are google's recipes. Can I get a dinner invite?
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Oflinkey, even if you're an ambitious amateur cook, this is a huge undertaking. You have to make sure that you have a large enough oven-safe vessel, and a good pasta machine, and you have to block out about two days for the preparation. If you are ready to do this, awesome.

If not, I would recommend starting with a sartu di riso, a similar Italian recipe that uses risotto as the crust and only requires three separate sauces to be prepared. In either case, feel free to email me about it.

Beware of many of these Internet recipes, though, if you're looking for a traditional Italian preparation.
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I'd think the main danger would be of the top crust drying out during baking. So just make sure to keep it moist with oil or sauce or whatever.

Also, I wouldn't use a pasta machine at all. Sheets that size need to be hand-rolled anyway, plus I'm of the opinion that pasta is best when it's hand-mixed. Although for a project of that magnitude I guess a food processor or KitchenAid might be a big help.

Oh and my family thanks you for the immense pasta dinner you've inspired me to make today. :)
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Thank you all!
Lakutrol- I am fairly handy in the kitchen, but I will take your advice and try the sartu di riso first. I do plan to try the timpano, though. It may be difficult, but how will I ever get good at it if I don't try it... I will email and let you know how it goes when I make this week.
CunningLinguist- arr spelling. Thank you, and yes indeed, come on over. I'll save you a slice.
Boomchicka- I planned to hand roll it originally. The pasta machine portion would be too narrow. Enjoy your dinner!
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