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Daily Show on a Mac

Windows Media Player is, at least on a Mac, nearly unuseable for embedded video, and Flip4Mac likewise (WMP skips and jumps, and F4M never gets past the buffering stage). However, some sites (the Daily Show, for instance) use nothing but. While I am aware that many such clips end up on YouTube, I'd like to use Comedy Central's site instead.

Anyone have a suggestion?
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Tried both mplayer and VLC already?
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Can we know a bit more about your machine?
What version of OSX?
What version of Quicktime?
What version of Flip4Mac (they just had a recent update, I think)
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Best answer: Flip4Mac works for me, so you may be able to troubleshoot yr problem. I don't have any particular insight into how you would fix it, but it may be possible.
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Best answer: Comedy Central recently made some changes which broke F4M. I haven't tried it, but the F4M forums suggest this solution.
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Ha! I just did that now (figuring it out on my own) for a clip from the Colbert Report. There is something Flip4Mac doesn't like about their ASX file, but if you can figure out the mms stream you can play that directly in QuickTime (using Open URL). It will most likely be the last "ref" element.
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Yup I was gonna suggest VLC, usually works where other apps fail.
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One Good Move list nearly every best bit from The Daily Show every day in QuickTime 7 format. :)
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If you're up on BitTorrent then you can download full episodes of The Daily Show and the Colbert Report in XviD without going anywhere near Comedy Central's absolutely hideous web site.
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iTunes has all of last weeks episodes.
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Response by poster: I could do it in VLC and mplayer, but that's a pain. This is not the machine I'm running Linux on :-P

And I am aware of iTunes and bittorrent, and have done both in the past. But sometimes you just want a quick fix, eh?

Amaterasu: that worked. Thanks.
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