Tranfering bookmarks from IE to Mozilla?
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Is there an easy way to transfer bookmarks from IE to Mozilla?
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when i installed firebird, it was done automatically.
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Response by poster: Scratch this thread, I just realized it had done it too...
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You can export IE favourites in html using File:Import and Export. You used to have to do this, as the Phoenix IE importer was broken, but the html one still worked. Also usefull for sending your latest work bookmarks home.
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file format x -> text -> file format y
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Also useful, if you have an account (and who doesn't these days?) is Yahoo's Bookmarks Manager which does a pretty automated upload and from which you can download. The only caveat is that any subsequent upload doesn't amend the previous file but overwrites it entirely.

It has saved my bacon, however (so to speak) on the two occasions when I had to do a system recovery on my Mac and stupidly forgot to save my IE favorites. It provided a good basis for rebuilding as all of my core bookmarks are on file.

Also, for those with their own webspace, MySQLinks, once the import feature is in place (which should be coming once the alpha version is released, it is currently in beta) is going to be a really robust links management and sharing facility. I'm already using it, and I love it as is, but it's going to be amazing quite soon.
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Check out for a browser-independent, yet integrated, bookmark application with online syncing and metadata sorting. Way cool.
posted by Tubes at 11:42 AM on December 31, 2003

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