Where do I find travel insurance for an athlete.
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I'm looking for travel medical insurance that specifically covers a traveler engaged in sporting competitions/professional sports.

My girlfriend is traveling to Austria to compete in a horseback riding competition, and she's looking for travel medical insurance. Looking at the carriers listed in previous Ask Mefi posts, it seems that travel insurance companies often will not cover individuals engaging in sporting competitions. Anyone know of a good company that will cover injuries resulting from sporting competitions?
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I would look at the web sites of the US Equestrian Assoc and other similar groups. They likely have discount plans with somebody for this type of thing.

Also, would her normal health insurance not cover her? If she doesn't have insurance, have you looked into catastrophic high deductible health plans? They are usually fairly cheap.
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I see you're in the US, but in case anyone in the UK has a similar question, I used SportsCover Direct for a trip to Mexico to play Ultimate (I think I chose them partly because they were the only insurance company I could find who actually had Ultimate in their extensive list of sports).
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