How do I get rid of a large TV no one wants?
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Advice for quickly disposing of a large TV?

I need to be out of my current apartment (Bloomington, IN) in a few days, and I've been trying to sell/give away an extremely bulky, heavy TV set for approximately a month. Many people have come to look at it and the universal conclusion they've all come to is that it's a big TV set... way too big.

So now I just want it out of my life. What's the best bet for getting rid of it with a minimum of hassle?
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Call a charity, say they can have it for free if they'll come and get it? I assume the TV works. The Canadian Diabetic Association used to do pickup runs, maybe the American one will too.
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Maybe try Freecycle?
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I second Dipsomaniac's suggestion. Also try area hospices, hospitals and retirement homes.

I've donated televisions, stereos, etc. which are greatly appreciated particularly for common living areas in their facilities.
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I can ask my roommates (in Bloomington). E-mail in profile.
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I've found that lugging a TV to the curb with a sign that says "Free - Actually Works!" does the trick. A post on CraigsList (Free TV at ____ and ____) helps.
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Craigslist maybe?

Dipsomaniac's advice on the charity is good too, plus you can write it off.
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Thanks for the advice all. As luck would have it, someone called for it 10 minutes after I posted and swears up and down they have the means and motivation to take the thing.

I have tried craigslist and IU classifieds; the problem isn't lack of interest in the TV... it's that no one believes that it's really that big before they see it.

I'm all for the charity option, my only concern being the pick-up aspect of it. Again, I really need to be rid of it, and at this point I'm not sure how much I'm going to trust the good will of some person or charitable organization who is not contractually obligated to remove it.
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Maybe, in Bloomington, you could find somebody who would like a giant tv for the lounge in their dorm.
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I've found that lugging a TV to the curb with a sign that says "Free - Actually Works!" does the trick.

It'd probably disappear sooner if the sign that said "For Sale - $250.00" Some thief will take it off the curb in a heartbeat.
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The Salvation Army will come to pick just about anything up if it's in working condition.
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Have you called the town DPW to see if they have electronics recycling/disposal program?
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