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[DIY-filter] Need creative ways to protect an iPod in a far away land.

So i have an iPod 60gig Photo... and nobody makes cases for them anymore. The Apple Store didn't even have them. Now I'm in China and I'm watching my new iPod faceplate getting worse and worse. Any creative ideas for protecting the screen and clickwheel?
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Best answer: I recommend putting masking tape on it. If not to your iPod, then to your digital camera. When the masking tape starts gathering dirt, it will make your items look unattractive to would-be thieves. It also protects the surface of your items.

Replace the tape regularly. If the tape leaves stickiness (usually if you've left it on too long), use a sticker remover solvent to take that stuff off.

As for the screen, don't worry about it so much. Use your finger and massage it with toothpaste for a long time and it gets nice and shiny again. Yes, really.
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Cling-wrap? ("Bao xian mo" in pinyin)
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Umm... buying a case on ebay?
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Find a leather worker (bag/shoe repair) and ask them to make you one. I heard that such things can be done very inexpensively in China.
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We Love Macs still carries cases for the iPod Photo.
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Vaja still sell the best case IMHO (
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I use stick on screen protectors for cameras or PDAs to keep my iPod screen in good shape.
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I bought one of these vinyl covers,and it not only protects mine, but garners nice comments since it looks way cool.
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