What's this red cross ring?
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What's the meaning of this ring?

I saw this ring on a distinguished-looking older man on the metro in Northern Virginia and can't identify it. I thought it might be a St. George's Cross, but it's not quite right (the cross doesn't reach the edge of the white area).

What is it? This has been driving us nuts.
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The cross appears to be a Greek cross, though I can find no instances of such rings on google.
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Best answer: It's a common ring for christians to wear. I've seen them sold at fairs. I doubt it really has any meaning. My SO has one.
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It could be the symbol of a fraternal organization. I can't seem to find any references to any with a red cross, but of course searching for "red cross" has its complications.
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Looks like Christian cross variant to me.
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Aha! It appears to be the symbol of the Knights Templar.
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For whatever it's worth, that's also the symbol which Germany and Austria used on their planes during the Great War. But I doubt that's what the ring refers to.
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Best answer: It's not a knights templar ring. Modern KT are York Rite Masons and their emblem looks like this and their rings look like this.
To me, it looks like a simple christian ring. I've seen catholic priests wear similar ones.
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Response by poster: My husband thought it was probably a Catholic ring. Googling turned up nothing similar, which is why I turned to AskMe.

I'm guessing it's just a vaguely Christian ring, too, but the KT explanation is a lot more fun. :)
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I also think of that as greek orthodox, though I am not surprised it can be found on jewelry of more generic christians. A standard cross wouldn't fit well on a ring; this has the design advantage of being equal in both dimensions.
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This man is the pope.
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His finger is secured to his hand with a phillips-head screw.
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Best answer: It looks like some form of the variation of the Greek cross called a cross pattée (a cross with equal length arms and flared edges). The article gives plenty of suggestions to fuel the imagination including, yes, the Knights Templar connection.

(And don't be fooled by what they're saying about the "official" Templar symbols... do you think the REAL Knights Templar - you know, the ones ruling the world - would show their secret symbols on some website?)
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Best answer: To be sure its the correct symbol you're trying to get the meaning of, does it look like this or this?
Or you can start here to do the investigation for yourself at the cool symbols.com db.
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Response by poster: nanojath, I'm almost positive it's like the second cross pattée, with just a bit of curvature.

[this is good], that's a great link. It's been a while since I took the picture, but I'm pretty sure it's more like 28:33 (rikschell, maybe it was the pope!).

It's not exact, though, and that's what been driving me nuts.
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Response by poster: Also, I should have just asked him what it meant. Damn all this public transportation politesse!
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It might be the ring of a member of the modern International Order of the Knights Templar, a civic charity organization that raises money for the poor, the needy, and the sick around the world. You can read about them at : www.knights-templar.osmth.org/
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