Want to smell of dog, hashish, and algae. Please help.
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Trying to find another bottle of the scent "Rotterdam - Olfactory Object" by the architects Herzog and De Meuron...

I bought a small bottle of this scent at the Tate Modern in London, a year or 18 months ago. Now it's starting to run out and I really want to keep wearing it. Nothing else smells like it, and it's sexy! It's supposed to be unisex and smell of "Rhine water, dog, hashish, algae, patchouli, vin chaud, fur and tangerine" it really does smell a lot better than it sounds.

I live in the US (DC) so I can't run by and check if they still have it at the Tate. They don't have it in their online store, and I have the feeling it was a very limited time thing. It seems to have been produced by Herzog and De Meuron (who had an exibition at the Tate at the time) so I guess I ought to be able to buy it somewhere else. I have a UK shipping address I could use, if that would help.

The internet is failing me so far. So has anyone seen this stuff anywhere?
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I couldn't find it listed on the fragrance directory at Basenotes, but you might have some luck posting a query in their community forums.
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A quick Googling throws up this page, which says the Olfactory Object was produced in a limited run of 1,000 15-ml bottles, so I suspect you may be out of luck, since the bottles at the Tate were left over from the earlier Rotterdam show.
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That scent sounds great. If you can't find it, you may try to recreate the scent or find something close. You can try Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, or Bathed and Infused. Last time I checked, both sites let you custom create. Both sites also have forums, so you can ask questions first. Good luck. I hope you find the original scent somewhere out there.
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