How to highlight cells in excel with a keystroke.
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MS Excel XP: What is the keyboard shortcut to highlight a cell? My searches turn up no answers.
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When you say highlight a cell, do you mean to select it or to fill it with a color or perhaps something else?

If your cursor is on the cell, it is selected, and therefore options like CTRL B will bold the contents. More than one cell: hold down SHIFT & ARROW KEYS.

My apologies if I've been too dense to understand your question.
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F8? That highlights a cell.
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I, like b33j, don't understand what you mean. For me F8, turns on selection extension mode, but you don't need to do that if you are already on the single cell you want selected.

If you actually mean to fill the cell with a color, then I don't think there is a built-in shortcut for that. You can make a macro by selecting Tools > Macro > Record new macro.
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I think he means pressing a keyboard combination like +A+5 to zip straight to a particular cell w/o mouse or arrow keys (in this case, A5, of course). I'm not sure this is possible.
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Err, there should be (somekey) in front of a+5, but I used angle brackets (oops).
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I just wanted a shortcut to fill a cell with a color. Recorded the macro, it works quite nicely.
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Not exactly a shortcut, but this is what I do to make filling a cell with color easy:

Arrange the primary toolbar so that the "fill cell" button is on the far left side. So, to the left of the new file and save file buttons (I do this with the formatting functions for which I don't have a shortcut macro--just fill cell and indent).

Then to access, hit "alt" to get to the menu bar, then "ctrl-tab" to skip down to the first toolbar. The first button will be hightlight, so if that's the fill cell button, just use the arrow keys to select a color then hit enter. If fill cell is not the first button, you can tab to it.
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Ctrl-1 -> Patterns
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