Possible to send ice cream in LA?
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Is it possible to get a gallon or two of ice cream delivered on a specific day to an address in Los Angeles? Who should I contact?

My sister's birthday's in a couple days - don't worry; she's not a MeFite - and as she's a pregnant, ice-cream-craving monster of late, I thought it would be fun to get a couple gallons delivered to her office in L.A. The only problem is that I'm in Sydney, and I can't quite figure out who to contact over there. Amazon does a few different types of ice cream, but the delivery information only specifies "1-2 business days". Not exact enough. I figured a florist would be a better bet, but I can't find any that do ice cream. (Not to mention that Googling for a florist is next to useless.) Any other ideas? Are there still any of those "Webvan" type companies that will delivery groceries on a specific day (and that will allow someone from overseas to place the order)? I've never lived in California so I don't know who's reputable, nor which suburbs are too far out to make it worthwhile. (She apparently works near LAX.) Any suggestions?
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assuming the deliver in her area.
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Both Safeway and Albertsons probably deliver in her area, since they both have locations right by LAX. Also, try Bristol Farms - they have a location in Manhattan Beach, which is 2 miles from LAX, and they carry a good selection of tasty ice creams.
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Response by poster: Safeway wants me to register with a California address and phone number. I live in Australia. Doesn't look like it's going to work!
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Check the yellow pages for hot shot companies, they'll deliver this kind of stuff in a timely manner. Then you just need to figure out a good location to source the ice cream. A Ben and Jerry's maybe?
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Best answer: I can't speak from experience since I've never had it delivered, but Dr. Bobs ice cream is very good, and their web site mentions some delivery options that would seem to work, although expensive.
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Response by poster: I had the same problem with Bristol Farms. There doesn't seem to be a way to register with a non-US address. That's why I thought a florist would be better for a one-off delivery.
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Best answer: Seriously, email me (address in profile) and I will do it for you. I live nearby. Cold Stone sells in half-gallons and such, that might make for a very nice surprise!
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Have you tried Pink Dot?

I'm not sure if they'll accept an order from your neck of the woods but its worth a shot.
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You could try yummy.com.
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Hmm. Pink Dot does not appear to deliver to the area you're trying for. Sorry.
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The Venice location of Pink Dot might work, just depends on how close to LAX we're talking and whether she's north or south of there.
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Best answer: It's expensive, but http://graeters.com/ ships (and the ice cream is awsome).
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Response by poster: Her office is at 6033 W. Century Blvd. I have no idea where that is. Would that be deliverable?

FuzzyVerde - Seriously? That would be awesome. I'm e-mailing you. If you can pull this off, a care package from Down Under will definitely be in order.
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I came in to say Graeters delivers ice cream, also. A friend of mine raves about the chocolate chip. dpx.mfx is right though, it's pretty pricey.
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Ah, nope, that's not in their delivery area. Boy, when you said "near LAX" you really meant it! (that office address is right next to the airport.)
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You actually can call any messenger service and have them do a point-to-point delivery - they will pick up the ice cream at any store and drop it off at any location. You can then call the ice cream shop and order the ice cream.
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Sure - I'd be happy to - I just replied to your email. Far easier than a messenger service and you can choose ice cream from wherever you want!
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Best answer: My mom owns a flower shop and, since florists are one of the few businesses that deliver, people make crazy requests like this all the time.

Here's how to do it:
1. Don't use any of the wire services like Teleflora, FTD, or 1-800-FLOWERS. They will charge you a ridiculous amount of money to call the florist and repeat your order. Just call the florist directly.

2. To find a good florist, you can go to whitepages.com, or use the websites of the wire services above, just make sure to call on the florist's *local number*, not the wire service number (ie, don't call 1-800-Send-FTD).

3. Choose a florist that offers gourmet baskets or fruit baskets.

4. Call the florist and say that you want to order some balloons or a couple of cheap flowers (daisies, carnations) or a small goodie basket, and a few gallons of ice cream to be delivered. (Ordering more than just the ice cream makes your order legitimate and not just an attempt to use the florist as your personal delivery service. Some florists would probably let you get away with just sending the ice cream, but-- based on what I've seen at my mom's shop-- this is probably the easiest way to place the order.)

5. They'll charge you for the ice cream and for delivery and might charge a nominal fee for ordering something they don't have in stock. But they'll take care if it for you!
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The local florist is a GREAT idea. If the dudes that own the shop I use (in Tennessee) got this call and story they would be absolutely all over it... and no doubt in my mind they would only charge the cost of the best ice cream in town and the delivery cost +tip. And Im sure they would also surprise her with flowers... cause of the whole brother/sister/Sydney/LA thingy.
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Response by poster: Heh. Actually a sister/sister/Sydney/LA thingy. :)

Thanks to everyone for their tips. I've marked some best answers, mostly for the benefit of future ice-cream Googlers. FuzzyVerde's volunteered to do the delivery for me, which is just beyond anything that I expected. (I am feeling the MeFi love in a big way today.) If the logistics of that don't work out, I'll definitely be doing the last-minute florist thing.
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I love McConnell's Swiss Chocolate--which you can get at Gelson's
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Now goddess or Fuzzy better post a followup here or in MeTa.

I want to know how it goes!!
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Sorry! about the sister/brother thingy! I know! I figured that out after i posted... Argghhh.
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Response by poster: I'll definitely follow-up. At present, we're on track for a Monday delivery of a couple half-gallons of Cold Stone Creamery ice cream, courtesy of FuzzyVerde. I hope she likes it!
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Response by poster: SUCCESS! As my sister put it: "Best bday surprise ever!" I can't thank FuzzyVerde enough. Not only did she pick up and deliver three half-gallons of ice cream, she also got a festive cooler and ice in case my sister didn't have freezer space at work. Apparently when she walked in, all thirty of my sister's coworkers were in the kitchen having birthday cake. They were like, "Wow, we didn't know Cold Stone delivered?" And Fuzzy was like, "They don't." Ha! Score one for nice people and the power of the Internets. :)
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Further documentation!
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I scream for ice cream too!

I live in California and I want to send spumoni ice cream to a friend in Canada. Anyone have any suggestions on how I can make this happen?
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