Problems With MP3 Transfers with PocketMac Pro, Also w/ActiveSync in Virtual PC
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I use an iMac and carry a Siemen's SX56 Pocket PC from AT&T. I recently purchased PocketMac Pro to sync the two, and contacts, appointments, and little stuff is fine, but I can't get a decent connection speed to transfer MP3's. Is there something I'm missing here? In addition, I run Virtual PC and can't sync through ActiveSync, with a USB cradle. Help me, please.
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Using USB1.1, your MP3s are only going to transfer at about 1 megabyte/sec. USB is 12megabits, which works out to (theoretical maximum) of 1.2MByte/sec.

Firewire is 400megabits, which runs around 40MByte/sec.
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The Missing Sync?
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Virtual PC has never worked with Activesync due to issues with the way Connectix coded the USB portions.
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Response by poster: mcwetboy, I looked into that, but felt that PocketMac Pro was the better product. I could be wrong, of course, but I don't know of anyone who has used either product.

mrbill, it takes 15 minutes to transfer 60 megabytes or so, which equates to 1 MByte/15 seconds. Something's up, and I just can't figure it out.

I think you're right, machaus, which pisses me off, because there are no baby Macs, which would have been my first choice. You'd think they'd expect that and resolve the issue.
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