What brand of backpack do the characters in LOST use?
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What is the brand of backpack used by the actors in the US television drama "LOST"?

I am trying to find out what brand of backpack the characters in LOST carry around. I think they might be from either STM or Crumpler. I seem to think that they are made by an Australian company, but I have no proof of that.

Any LOST-geeks in the mefi-universe who know this for sure?
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Hmmm I've looked and can't seem to find it.

You might wanna try the message boards.
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Damnit, I can't remember the brand name. But I do know that I bought one almost identical to the bag Jack carries (about 12 months before the show came out) in Myers Brisbane.

So yes -- definitely available in Australia. Not a Crumpler bag, but they're damned good whatever they are.
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Hmm, do they actually all carry the same kind? Because that would seem weird, considering they're all supposed to come to the flight from different lives and incomes. Unless there is a Dharma-trademarked backpack on the show that they all picked up in the hatch?

Looking at photos from the season finale, where at least five of them are wearing backpacks, Kate's has some kind of square logo on the straps, where Jack, Sawyer and Michael's backpacks do not have that.

Here's a photo of Kate and Sawyer with said packs from a story I edited for MSNBC.
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High Sierra
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