Help a teenage fashionista chic up her ugly laptop!
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Looking for simple, cute, 2-d and mostly long-lasting and chick looking ways to decorate my laptop. There's

I have recently come into the possession of an HP Pavilion ze4600 laptop ( I find this computer, for lack of a better description... ugly as sin. Is there a way I can spice up the top of the case, and the area on either side of the mouse, that will be nice-looking, fashionable, long-lasting, and resistant to wear and discolouration that I can also easily remove if I get tired of it? Cheap preferred.

Also: No decoration needed for the bottom of the case, for obvious reasons.
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Response by poster: Oh dear. I know I spell-checked it, but when I previewed the link wasn't like that. I apologize. :/

This is the working link. I should have tinyurl'd.

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i don't know what your laptop's case is made of (can't tell from any pictures i find online), but make recently had a feature on laser-etching designs onto powerbooks. this may be utterly impractical for you and is also fairly permanent, but it might stir your imagination.

if you want cheaper i'd suggest maybe traveling a lot and getting some nice stickers from the places you've been, like the way people used to decorate their luggage.
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DIY Hello Kitty Laptop might give you some ideas.
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Spraypaint. Mask the keyboard, screen, peripheral ports.
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I say many small stickers in sort of a decouppage effect, that way, as they get worn and dirty (esp. around the trackpad) you can just add more to cover them up.

I've also seen cases that let you open the case and then use the laptop without removing it from the case. Something like the first case here, but not so industrial.
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I saw aspoke the other day. No idea whether it works or not, but it looks like a giant sticker for your laptop.
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Here's more removable laptop skins like those aspoke sells.
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Schtickers sells laptop skins/stickers, similar to aspoke. They also do custom designs.
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For inspiration: laptop stickers Flickr group.
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