Costa Rica beach suggestion
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Beach resort in Costa Rica?

Anyone have any suggestions? Mainly looking for a beach, where we can swim, snorkle, have beers and lunch brought to us, with a little bit of nightlife and a daytrip or two. Not a hiker or a biker on vacation, just love pretty beaches to slack on, cool bars, and a decent restaurant or two. Trying again - since I just got back from the best vacation of my life from a MeFi suggestion.
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Playa Tamarindo. I had one of my best vacations there about 5 years ago.
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special-k's suggestion isn't a bad one. however, do note that CR has changed a LOT in the last 5 years and many places that used to be pretty chill have been overrun/polluted by tourism (dominical, for example). i heard mixed things about tamarindo (but didn't personally go to it, in large part because of what we heard, so i can't say personally) while traveling through the country this past march.

if you decide to bit of traveling within the country want a unique place to stay for a night or two while there, I emphatically recommendthis place. Note that it doesn't meet the criteria you set out, but was so cool I can't help but mention it.

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NOT Playa Tamarindo! Too tourist by far when we were there last summer. Brasilito is small and pretty unspoiled, with snorkeling nearby, has couple of nice cafes.
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I'm guessing this is too late, but I would highly recommend Samarra. Feel free to email me for details.
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