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I am in recovery (alcohol) 6 years and some days just feel totally down mentally and full of concern regarding the future,I get plenty of sleep,go to lots of AA meetings,have a good job and eat well but this is really starting to concern me,any suggestions please
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See a psychologist or counselor. That's what they're there for ... to help people in your situation. A good one would probably do you a world of good. Good luck.
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A good quote I heard the other day, from no less than The Soprano's: "There are no losers in recovery."

You should certainly see a therapist or counselor - they will be able to listen to you, and discover that maybe these feelings have deeper roots.

However... six years! That's absolutely amazing! You haven't relapsed. You have been able to continue to contribute at work. These are things to be proud of.. they speak miles about your character and your integrity.

Remember what you've accomplished, and that you can grow and continue to accomplish more. The only thing that will stop you is you.
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"[I] feel totally down mentally and full of concern regarding the future" is pretty standard for just regular, old depression. Don't blame it on the drinking, and don't count on the program to fix it for you.
If you really feel the program is what it's going to take to make you feel better, don't just rely on meetings, spend more time with your sponser and sponsees. And if you don't have any sponsees, get a couple. Helping others goes a long way towards helping yourself.
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You are doing great with recovery, and you should be proud of that accomplishment.

That said, you really do sound depressed, and I strongy advise you to talk to your doctor or psychologist about it, as you don't *have* to feel that way.
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Coming from someone who will always consider herself in recovery.... You're getting there if you can actually recognize you have these feelings and try to work them out for yourself. I always knew things were bad if I was "stuffing" my emotions, not acknowledging them. I second the therapist suggestion, if your situation permits it. I found a good one that I've been with for a few years and she knows me better than most family members. I was very dependent on the meetings and the therapy has helped ease that. I wish you the best of luck.
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You didn't mention exercise, so I'll suggest it. Strongly. Go jog a few miles. I don't think this alone will solve all of your issues, but it'll certainly help.

And - CONGRATULATIONS. You are doing fantastic.
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I have to 2nd the exercise suggestion. It helps me with depression and staying sober since for me these two things are very closely linked. Good luck and congrats on 6 years, that's awesome.
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I third the exercise suggestion, but make it resistance training (ie:weight lifting) as well as cardio. I started weightlifting during my separation and divorce, and it helped me channel negative energy into something constructive. Besides, as you begin to look and feel physically stronger and healthier, it will have a positive effect on your mental outlook and self esteem.

Most importantly, ask God for help. If you have even the faith to ask, He will bless you and lead you in the direction you need to go for success and happiness.
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I second (third, etc.) the exercise suggestions, but I don't know if that will take care of the whole problem.

Did you have depression or these feelings before you started/while you were drinking? Is it possible you drank to self medicate? If you think that might be the case, you might want to see a psychiatrist (or your general doctor) and see if you might be a candidate for anti-depressants.
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This article helped me a lot.
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....spend more time with your sponser and sponsees. And if you don't have any sponsees, get a couple. Helping others goes a long way towards helping yourself.
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Seconded. Nothing helps me forget my perceived problems like trying to help someone else.
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Congratulations!! Six years is quite an accomplishment.

In my experience, this sort of generalized dissatisfaction with life came at about the same time (6 years) as yours and it wasn't fun. Once I admitted to myself not everything was working as well as it had, I made a committment to go through the steps with my sponsor/meet once a week until completed; resumed counseling and eventually, anti-depressants.

While some in the rooms will say the program can fix anything, it is important to note the literature says we may need to seek outside help and encourages us to do so.

Of course, YMMV... I would highly recommend the counseling avenue and if you are unsure about who or how to select one, make an appointment with your health care provider and he/she should be able to give you some assistance with not only finding a counselor, but with anti-depressants if warranted.
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