What's your favorite pair of swimming goggles?
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I'm tired of taking off my goggles every five or so laps because there's a) too much suction or b) too much fog or c) too much water in them. Suggest your favorite indoor lap swimming goggles, please.
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I have some Lane 4 Goggles that have an adjustable nose bridge, and two adjustable straps around the back with little ridges on the end to hold the straps in place. They work really well once you get all the adjustments just right. Unfortunately, Lane 4 doesn't appear to sell them anymore, but more adjustments = good.
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Back when I was swimming regularly, I liked the ones without foam - I think Speedo makes a pair. The bridge was made of rubber, and once you get used to them, they never fogged or filled.
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If you can get them in the US then I recommend Zoggs (very basic website warning!) - they come with a choice of nose bridges, adjustable straps and I've never known them to fog up.
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Speedo Sprints are the best, hands down.
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Speedo HCGs or Speed Sockets. Never liked them myself but I think you're in the camp that finds the large gaskets uncomfortable.
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If you want to avoid suction problems, i would advise going with something with a foam eye piece.

fog has a lot to do with the quality of anti-fog coating; so the better the brand's reputation, the better off you will probably be.

water leakage has a lot to do with fit and the shape of your face. from my experience, this is just a case of trial and error.

i like swedes but, because they are so cheap, they fog up before you get in the water.

i currently use the speedo speed rocket which, for all intents and purposes, is a super deluxe pair of swedes. the nose peices are interchangable, so that could take care of the leakage issue. they are good against fog, but they have rubber eye peices, so if you aren't careful, you'll come out of the pool with rings around your eyes.

i still love 'em. good luck.
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I'm going to piggyback. What about prescription goggles? I'm horribly nearsighted, and will soon be going kyacking.
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Best answer: Fogging: smear a bit of saliva inside your goggles. I do the same with scuba masks if I don't have anything else.

Filling with water: I used to swim competitively, you might be out of luck. I could never find goggles that would seal around my face properly, at least during a race or fast practice.
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Swedish goggles.

They take a little getting adjusted to, especially if you're used to foam-type recreational goggles; but, they're great. You just have to figure out how to tie them, and adjust the eyepiece distance correctly (it's a bit of an art).
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I've had a lot of trouble getting goggles to fit, but I bought a pair of Lane 4 and have never looked back...
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Best answer: I used TYR's Anti-Fog goggles. At about $14/pair they're the only ones I buy.

The key is to wet the goggles and your face before starting your workout. Then there's a nice seal and I don't have to fuss with the goggles until the end of my workout (30min).
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I'll second the Swedish goggles recommendation. I tried all kinds of things over the years: goggles with foam seals, goggles with various kinds of rubbery / plasticky seals, virtually everything that TYR or Speedo made, and the Swedish goggles kept water out of my eyes far better than any of them. They may take a little time to get used to, but they're worth it. Anything with a soft gasket just isn't worthwhile.
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I do triathlons. The best goggles I have eve found are called "Barracuda" - they cost about $30, but they are worth it. They don't suck to your eyes - they have these pads that are shaped to fit the eye socket so they are very comfortable and don't leak. Sometimes they fog, but I usually just rub some saliva in them before I start and they do fine. You can get them at swimoutlet.com
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