Tour de France Web2.0???
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How to follow The Tour de France online.. I've been using a plugin for firefox to follow the world cup from a website called It's pretty cool.. Live scores in the left hand side and popups when there are goal's or a yellow/red card.. Anyone know of anything like this for (what's left of....) The Tour?
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Are you talking about the world cup?
posted by Ironmouth at 9:20 AM on June 30, 2006

He's been following the World Cup online. Now he's looking for a way to follow the Tour de France, I think.
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Not sure how much espn covers the tour, but tvuplayer streams espn, espn2, and abc, among other channels.
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A search indicates that the Cycling News did 5-minute updates live during the race last year, but given that the race doesn't start till tomorrow, it's hard to see what they're doing this year.
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Looks like Velo News is doing live coverage as well.

Googling "online 'Tour de France' coverage" turns up a lot.
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It's not optimal, but I've done as occhiblu mentions and used the live update. Last year the page would auto-refresh so it was just a matter of peeking at the browser window occasionally.
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I've always used the tour site itself. Has the audio and a running graphic. It might be more exciting to follow the doctors doping up the participants this year though.
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OLN has the cable TV coverage, and coverage on their website. You can also buy a subscription to for current coverage. (Warning- does not play well with Mozilla or Firefox).
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Cyclingnews, Velonews, and Eurosport all have live, up-to-the minute text commentary. Eurosport has for the past few years had live radio, too - most recently it's been David Duffield and Sean Kelly announcing, which is always sometimes indecipherable, but usually interesting. has had rather good live updates in the past; I don't know if they'll be doing them this year or not. Pez Cycling News usually has the highest humor quotient of all the coverage.
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Velo news has my favorite coverage and not to detrail but it appears that the tour this year is going to be wide open given all the frontrunners that have been suspected (link to velonews)
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While waiting for the race to start you might enjoy some stories of Tours past.
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Thanks everyone... Guess there is no spiffy plugins like the world cup one, those websites will do just fine.

bluesky43, gotta love the guilty until proven innocent policy...!
posted by joshgray at 11:41 AM on June 30, 2006 is an online TV channel that will have a daily TDF discussion/news show. No pictures of the race unfortunately, but they do show a lot of other European races live.

Blogs: TdF Blog & Cycloblog.

Re Wolfdog: Eurosport are thankfully forcing David Duffield into retirement. This year they have the much, much better David Harmon doing commentary for all 3 weeks.
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