Parking in Montreal?
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How is parking in the Old Montreal area of Montreal? I'm staying there for the long weekend at a place without parking. Is it worth parking somewhere else and taking the Metro in?
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I was just there in February, and there is NO parking.

Maybe over by the Convention Centre? That's nearby...
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you might want to try the outdoors parking lot near Place Bonaventure, on University and De La Gauchetiere. That parking lot may also be accessed from St Antoine street, if you are coming in from the other direction.

Another good parking lot - overnight, too - is near the Tour de La Bourse - Montreal Stock Exchange tower. That parking is underground and can be accessed from St Pierre corner St Antoine (same map - look to the right of Place Bonaventure)
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Old Montreal is notoriously bad for parking. You're really better off parking elsewhere and taking the Metro.

I live on the South Shore, so I would either park in Longueuil or Brossard and bus/metro my way to the Place d'Armes metro station... and then hoof it from there.

However, if you don't mind the walk in beautiful Old Montreal, I recommend parking somewhere in the East. Its distance from downtown makes parking a little less dense.

Good luck!
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Best answer: St-Laurent and Viger (lower right edge of China town) has lots of cheap parking and is only a few blocks from Old Montreal. It's also near the convention centre (Palais de Congrès) and Place d'Armes metro on the orange line.
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Response by poster: So, I ended up parking under the Chaussegros-de-Lery building, which is on the Eastern end of Old Montreal on Rue Notre Dame. It was expensive at $15/day but it was really close to the hostel. (I thought there was a discount on the weekend but I didn't get it for some French reason that I didn't understand.)

The other good options were where furtive suggested. I think they were $7 or $8 a day for outside parking. I would probably park there next time.

(Street parking was not an option at all.)
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