Convert Quicken 2001 Data To QuickBooks Pro 2006 (And I'll Give You A Kitten!)
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How do I port data from a Quicken 2001 database to Quickbooks Pro 2006?

I have a client who's been running her husband's small business for years now on Quicken 2001. The backup function is a touch buggy and doesn't play nicely with their office server.

She'd like a new solution that will give her a prettier UI, more features, and is currently supported. I support other clients with QB Pro 2006, and I use it myself (well, my wife does), so naturally, that's what I'm recommending.

I'm not interested in other accounting package alternatives. Thank you, but no thank you. All of the accountants I've spoken to in this region have told me that they prefer that their clients use QB Pro.

I'm not an Excel mage, so doing a manual convert through Excel is a second-class option. I'd strongly prefer some utility that just gets the process done, even if I (and by I, I mean my client) have to pay for it.

I have Googled, and I got limited results. I didn't find any exact matches in the software versions I'm dealing with, and where I did find answers, they involved being an Excel mage (see above).

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I use QB2006 currently. I'm not certain if there is a direct database upgrade available from 01 to 06. One approach you may consider is to buy a copy of 2003 or such on ebay for the express purpose of upgrading to an intermediate version, then going the rest of the way to 06.

Ask on the qb users forum linked above. pretty knowledgable bunch there.
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Best answer: Try this thread on the qB forum.

I misread, you said QUICKEN01 not QB01, in which case these folks suggest not upgrading your db. Just start with an opening balance at the beginning of your next accounting period.
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Response by poster: Thanks, Freq.

I'll have to wait until next week until I follow up on this, but I appreciate the tip enough that you're getting a Best Answer out of it.
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Response by poster: I was emailed a reply from someone who doesn't have a MeFi account. For the sake of completeness, and so that I can use this page as my reference later, I'm posting his reply here:


I don't have an account with metafilter i google your name and found
your email address hope that's OK. anyway replying to this post

when i upgrade my client to 2005 i had to install the in between
version 1st there on the quickbooks CD as a demo or something also i
found this link below follow this should be right


Thanks, Anthrox!
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