Coop C64 Space Game?
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Cooperative C64 space adventure game - what was it?

I can't remember the title of this game from my childhood, but the premise was that you were exploring space and occasionally running across alien artifacts of various kinds. The game was meant to be cooperative, and every player had their own "secret mission" card. When you came across an artifact floating in space, everyone would use various controls in tandem (keys/joystick) to try to match the thing's position, color, sound, and rotation (if I remember right), with each person responsible for a single axis. Is this ringing any bells with anyone?
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It sounds a bit like M*U*L*E, but some of those characteristics don't ring a bell.

(just thinking about it gets that tune in my head)
posted by sagwalla at 11:58 PM on June 29, 2006

Argos Expedition.

In case you're interested, I Googled "secret mission card c64". It's funny which search terms turn out to be the most selective sometimes.
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Thank you - I'd been trying "space" and such as a search term and getting nowhere. That's exactly the one.
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