Blinded by the light or by an urban legend
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Was there ever a plan for a public art project which would placed a giant rearview mirror next to Chicago's Lake Shore Drive?

I have a vague memory of hearing years ago that this was planned before someone pointed out that at the right time of day the sun's reflection in the mirror would blind everyone for miles around. Sounds pretty urban legendish, but thought I'd ask.
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Could you be thinking of Cloud Gate in Millenium Park? It's sort of a giant funhouse mirror and it's fairly near Michigan Avenue. Everything about the park was controverial at one point or another, so it wouldn't surprise me if the "it will blind the drivers" argument was raised at some point or another.
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I heard this story long before Millenium Park was even a twinkle in in its parent's eyes, but it does sound like I might be talking about the bean, doesn't it? Assuming my story isn't completely made up, maybe there's some connection.
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this doesn't sound in the least bit familiar to my friend over at the tourism bureau here in chicago (or to me, but i have no particular authority). i could find no reference to such a proposed project in the encyclopedia of chicago.
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