How to reinstal Car Door Panel?
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What's the best way to re-install door panels after removing them to install speakers?

I've installed a new speaker iinto my front right door, but when I try to reinstall the panel, it doesn't fit that well, and hence, my door looks like garbage. I'm fed up with the sound on my left speaker, so I'm going to install the speaker for that door as well.

What tips do people have in reinstalling the panel? I appreciate the help!
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Best answer: Use new plastic rivets, first of all. You can get them from most auto supply stores and some hardware stores if you bring in your original ones. That'll help keep the door from rattling.
posted by SpecialK at 8:52 AM on June 29, 2006

What is the model & year of the vehicle?
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Response by poster: I got it to work, basically i wasn't placing it at the correct angle.
posted by sandmanwv at 2:09 PM on June 30, 2006

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