Intensive Japanese language camps in NY metro area?
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How would I find a Japanese language "camp" or intensive school in the greater New York metro area?

I've heard of these "language camps" that will absolutely not let you speak one word of English but Google'ing hasn't produced any real results for me. If these don't exist in my area, do any specific Japanese language schools come highly recommended?

I took Japanese for 3 years in college but in the last year or two I've not been practicing and since become very rusty. I'd like to really polish up on my skills before I go back to school for Japanese again for real.
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Brynn Mawr, in PA, is said to have an excellent full-immersion language summer program, but its expensive and I'm not sure if its open to people who aren't currently in highschool or college. I realize that's not greater NY, but its the closest thing I know. Hopefully someone else can find you something closer to the city.
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Nevermind. I've got the wrong school name. I don't remember the right school name, but its in the northeast, PA or CT-ish. If a mod happens upon this thread, please delete my posts.
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Ta-da! Googling Bryn Mawr, PA turns up a weird link about a student at Bryn Mawr College that received a scholarship to study here. Looks pretty much like exactly what you want, but it's in vermont. Don't know who is eligible to apply, but I'm sure you can find some info on that site. They have Japanese too!
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Berlitz offers immersion classes in the New York area, but look for an expensive price tag in the low five digits.
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SUNY New Paltz has programs on their campus and in NYC
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I don't remember the right school name, but its in the northeast, PA or CT-ish.

You're thinking of Middlebury. They have complete immersion courses (Japanese link above).
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! SUNY's program looks great actually, and I'd actually be willing to travel if the price is right.
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You might have luck poking around some of the Japanese book stores in the city. I see fliers/brochures in there for Japanese instruction often, and they probably have levels that pick up from any level of experience. Ganbatte!
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Based on the very useful and instructive ... in case you want to switch to Mandarin.

Might not be an immersion school, but you might find it handy until you find what you want.
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