Know a good company for (very) short-term apt. rentals in SF?
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Does anyone know a good company that does short term rentals for apartments/houses in San Francisco? I'm going on holiday there in August for a week with a few friends (there'll be 3-5 of us), and we'd prefer staying in an apartment rather than just getting a hotel room each.

Ideally somewhere central would be good, and we're willing to pay up to $1000. I've checked Craiglist but most don't seem to be that central, or have enough rooms.
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Hmm, I guess I should have read all the way to the end before mentioning that...
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I'd check out Vacation Rentals By Owner and Just got married in San Francisco and family and friends found great places on both sites. FYI, Both sites have places worldwide, and should be fairly easy to find something in that price range. Good luck...
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Oakwood Worldwide provide short-term, furnished corporate housing pretty much everywhere. Including San Francisco. It does appear that the largest apartments they offer may be 2 bedrooms, but they might have some larger ones, depending on the dates you're there.

They're not cheap, though....
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