Terminal Server/Citrix Host Recommendations
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Need a recommendation/ideas for a terminal server or Citrix hosting company that can also offer good SQL services and possibly Exchange.

I work for a company that sells software with an Excel front end with a SQL backend. Usually our customers purchase an application server and a sql server to run the app and have multiple end-users entering data/running reports through a client server connection over a LAN.

We're looking into offering a hosted solution for the mid-market where the customer would not have any IT investment. We would set up the system for the customer on the host's machines and then the customer's end-users could connect through TSVR/Citrix. On the backend, we would need decent privledges to configure the software and interact with the SQL database. Each customer would have their own database, but would not need their own db server.

Ideally, the host would be able to handle connectivity support issues and then we could take care of the software support calls. They would also need to be able to help articulate the security measures that are in place for the customer data.

We have email (MAPI/SMTP) integration available in our app, so being able to tie in some emailing capabilities would be a big bonus.
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Any competant dedicated server company could handle this for you. I suggest checking out www.layeredtech.com or www.softlayer.com--two of the best that I've had the pleasure of doing business with. Good luck!
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