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If I plot directions on Google Maps between two places it works well, except that one of the places is actually a few 100m away (enough to throw people off). Is there a way for me to correct this? Replot the position? Are there other services that might be of better use?

I'm just using right now but I am competent enough with the maps API that I could go that way if need be. I really just want to show driving directions between two points. I've thought of just incrementing the address a bit more, but unfortunately it's a long winding road with only one or two addresses on it.

I can elaborate with specific details if needed.
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You can specify the location of your house with longitude & latitude instead of street address. The 'directions to/from this location' links still show up.
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Or install google earth which has a little more flexibility than google maps. It's easy to use and you can plot out and label hings exactly how you want then email or print a picture etc. It does driving directions too. It's a fun toy.

google earth
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