Dammit! I need more rocking out and waiting until November is not cutting it!
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Can anyone recommend a Playstation-to-PC controller convertor (and where to purchase it) that specifically works well with Freetar Hero and the guitar controller? The one recommended by the creator of Freetar (Soyo KiKy X-Series Game Pad Converter) seems to not be available anywhere.
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The Lik-Sang SmartJoy is very popular. I recall it also works very well with dance pads (e.g. for StepMania).
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I actually have a couple of the Soyo model that I bought after purchasing the wrong controllers for a computer. I've taken them out of the packaging, but never used either. I could be convinced to part with them if you're interested. Email is in my profile.
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Yes, Lik Sang. Shipping sucks, I have no idea why they aren't bought bulk and rebranded by GameStop/etc, but that's besides the point. I picked this up a few years ago, now I wish I would have gotten the one with four ports for old MAME fighting games.
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I have no idea why they aren't bought bulk and rebranded by GameStop/etc...

Sorry, brainfart. Retailers rape on system accessory margins, so it would be stupid of them to sell you an adapter for anything. Argh.
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Radioshack makes one, CAT is 26-304.
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I've had good experience with the radioshack adapter. I haven't used it with the guitar controller, but standard dual shocks work just fine. I've found that most radioshacks have them in stock, but you usually have to ask someone since they're usually not on the shelves.
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Outpost.com appear to have it in stock for $13
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