TV shows for those wanting to be famous
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My friend is looking for clips of different types of TV shows where people do things in order to become famous. The funnier and more outlandish the show, the better. What TV shows can you think of?
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Big Brother.
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The Word on UK TV (Channel 4) used to have a section entiteld "I'd Do Anything To Be On TV" where people used to do, well, anything (such as snog a toothless old woman, or drink snot) to be on TV.
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Not sure if you're limited to TV shows or want to include movies, but Judy Holliday made a great film, "It Should Happen to You" (1954) where in order to become famous, she hired several billboards around town with her name on them. People immediately assumed she was famous and started treating her like royalty. Terrific film, wonderful actress.
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Does it have to be reality-based? Because this is largely the premise of "I Love Lucy". Hilarity ensues.
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America's Next Top Model
Top Chef
Project Runway
Project Greenlight

Homer when he: went to Rock Star Camp, became the Garbage Commissioner, became the mayor of East Springfield and highjacked the Who (or was it West Springfield?)

George Costanza when he became the hand model.
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Oh, and American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance and America's Got Talent!
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The Gong! Show
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There's that episode of the Brady Bunch where Cindy and Bobby try to break the teeter-totter record.
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You're going to have a hard time finding clips, but there is/was a show on Dutch TV called "Ter Land, ter zee, en in de lucht" (on land, on sea, and in the air). In this competitors had to make a kind of parade float-like vehicle and either race across a small bar to a bell, slide off a ramp into water, etc. They were judged on time and originality.
Over the course of this show, and since the seventies, there was one guy who ALWAYS participated, at every location, in every discipline. He was never fast to the finish line, but he always had some weird costume or ridiculous contraption to race in, and he was actually quite well known JUST for his constant competing on the show. He just did it for attention, and it worked. He now does all kinds of things. (site in Dutch, but you get the idea)
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Also, any TV show where the character is an aspiring actor (Joey on Friends, for instance). They will invariably do some crazy things to get noticed.
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Master of Champions
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