Pork poster en français?
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Where can I buy a pig poster like they have in french butcher shops?

I'm looking for a poster approximately like these plates, preferably with the primal cuts identified in french. I want one that is nice enough looking to hang on my wall, not totally utilitarian like this one. Oh yeah, a beef one would be cool too. Thanks in advance.
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AllPosters has this one and this one
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Is this too utilitarian?

Are these (pork / beef) too modern?

(on preview; looks like b33j has what you want)
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b33j - Those are both great, but I can't seem to find the actual pages where you buy them. Could you please link to those? Also, is there one for le porc?

Busy Old Fool - I like that first one, but it doesn't look like you can buy it.
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Indeed, I was simply trying to clarify what you wanted. It wasn't actually that different from your second link, so it's useful to know it's OK.

You can find b33j's posters by searching allposters for 'beef' and 'mutton' or try this link. There isn't one for pork, afaics. And they're pretty pricey, sadly.

I found my results by googling for decoupe porc, which might help you.
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Yeah, it's borderline, but the fact that it's black and white and in french makes it seem artistic enough to make me like it, although I do prefer b33j's. They are expensive though, so if anyone finds some other options that are lower priced that would be great...
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