Editing screenshots
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editing and adding graphics to a screenshot?

I want to be able to take a screenshot ( I use Printkey2000) and bring it into an editor and add a graphic such as a big arrow pointing to something I want the viewer to notice. What graphical editor can I use to add the arrow??
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Adobe Photoshop or Deneba Canvas are two options.
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I keep it easy - use the print screen button on the keyboard (Win XP) and then "PASTE" into a Word document. Then use the Word tools to crop the photo, enlarge, and draw a big arrow. Takes about 30 seconds.
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Or for free, try the Gimp.
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I use Snag It at my job and it works very well for editing screenshots (adding arrows, thought bubbles, circles, etc.). It also has a great zoom and blur function that works well for maps.

I'm pretty sure it's only $40 or so.
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like kdern said, but it might be easier to paste it into mspaint, if you're going barebones.
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Snag It is a neat little tool. I do everything in Illustrator, but I work with that constantly, so it's less thinking for me.
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If you plan on doing this activity ever again, buying Snag It would be well worth the $40. It will easily let you do a lot of effects and annotations to the screen grab and is a simpler than going into Photoshop or Gimp to do the stuff you want every time.
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Paint.Net is a free, very easy to use paint program for windows. It would work very well for you, I think.
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I think highly of "Paint Shop Pro". It's a lot cheaper than PhotoShop, for one thing.
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