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We are having a very strange issue with our domain when accessed from our offices here, and we've run out of troubleshooting ideas.

As a little background info - we have this problem domain hosted on a server with a dozen or so others, that have no problem.

Here are the symptoms:

- Unable to access HTML or PHP files on our domain from this office (using our local cable internet access).

- PHP and HTML files on our domain load fine from all other ISPs and locations we have tested.

- Image files and text files on our domain load fine.

- The same PHP and HTML files uploaded to another domain on the same server as our domain work fine.

We've tried rebooting the server to no avail and our ISP swears up and down its not them. They've made the suggestion that its the firewall on our server, but I just don't see how it could be the case.
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Are your office computers hostnames using the same domain? If so it could be a problem with DNS getting confused. If your office computers are on a private network and then try to access your webserver that is seperate of your private network it is very easy to get confused.

Another thing is it could be the webserver configuration.
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confused how? We are all on a network if that helps

And as far as I know the server config has not been changed.

Also, I switched us all to a free proxy server, which seems to work fine.
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Is the server in question on the same network as you guys?
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No, the server is offsite
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totally sounds like a DNS problem

are you running NAT on the server?
is your office LAN tunneled to your server LAN?
what address do you get from your office when you do an nslookup on your server (Windows/Run/cmd.exe, type in 'nslookup MY_SERVER')
what is your office DNS set to.

What happens when you try to hit the domain using the IP address instead of the domain name?
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You're not using, are you? (I ask because one of my coworkers had the exact same issue.)

Anyway, if it resolves right on the nameserver front, try running a traceroute to the machine to see where it won't route.
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Actually, we're using No NAT, its just a regular webserver used for hosting domains.

here's the results of the nslookup:
C:\Documents and Settings\Artroom>nslookup
DNS request timed out.
timeout was 2 seconds.
*** Can't find server name for address Timed out

Non-authoritative answer:
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hmmmmm. It's handing you back the right address ... uhm. I'm guessing the machines is one of yours and it doesn't have rDNS set up for it?

you should probably go with ph00dz recommendation next.
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