Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner in Downtown Ft. Worth
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What are some good/cheap places to eat in walking distance of Downtown Ft. Worth?

Okay so I will be in Downtown Ft. Worth for a week. Unfortunately, I won't have a car and I’m looking for places to eat in walking distance of the Ft. Worth Hilton (815 Main St, Fort Worth, TX 76102) for Breakfast and Dinner, and Texas Wesleyan Law School for lunch. I want to focus on finding cheap places, especially for breakfast since the only option I know of right now is at the hotel.

If you happen to know some place with particularly good food please mention them also, just let me know if it’s not necessarily cheap.

Also anything to do at night in the area that I should consider? If not, any bars with good specials during the week, or relaxed atmospheres in general?

(Now that I think about it, is it even safe to consider walking around downtown at night?)

Thanks for ANY info you can get me about this.
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Some of the best brisket i've ever had was at Angelo's in Fort Worth. It's not very expensive, either. Unfortunately, it's a mile and a half from your hotel. Personally, I'd call it worth a cab ride, especially given the relatively low prices, but you may disagree, depending on your budget.
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Downtown Fort Worth is pretty safe, 3rd, 4th are your most-traveled routes northish to Sundance Square, which is really pretty not-cheesy for a tourist center. The Flying Saucer is there, and you should go. I think there's live music almost every night on the massive patio at 8.0 (food and drink can get a little pricey, but an entree and a couple of Shiners woudn't kill you, plus you can hear it just about anywhere on the square). There's a movie theatre, an improv theatre, a performing arts theatre, usually a bit of live music indoors or out, a number of different kinds of food (though more chain than not these days), and little boutiques and things for a window-shoppy stroll. should help you suss out your best candidates, and Fort Worth Weekly. I really like downtown FW, it's not a bad place to get stuck for a week without a car.

There's some shops in the train station right by Wesleyan as well, and I think most of the hotels concentrated around the convention center and Water Gardens are playing around with tapas bars and little mexican bistros and stuff.
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Texas de Brasil is about 3/4 of a mile from your hotel. It features southern Brazilian cuisine (read: lots of roast beast). Not cheap: $30 - $50 for dinner, $20 - $30 for lunch
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By the way, the ITC is the train station that's right there, and that page has some information on bus links and stuff, if you decide to go poke around. The Stockyards are pretty good for restaurants and cowtown history stuff, and should be a short straight shot by bus. I know there's a Riscky's BBQ down there, and there may be one other.

I can't help with breakfast, I'm afraid. It's not my time of day for FW. There used to be a great vegan restaurant in the train station, but I believe they've moved.
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Billy Miners Saloon is a decent place to get a burger and beer. Its on Sundance Square also.
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Downtown Fort Worth is definately "pretty safe" (although you need to be aware of your surroundings on the TWU campus at night). As far as inexpensive dining (and keep in mind it's been a decade since I lived there and 2 years since I visited) consider places near/at Tandy Center. There are a lot of people who work downtown and can't afford hotel food every day. Seems to me there was a Razoo's (Cajun food) that was decent. If you are willing to take a cab ride, Lucille's on 7th was always decent food. Michaels (further down on 7th in the museum district) is more expensive but nice. If you like Mexican food do yourself a big favor and go to the Northside! Joe T. Garcia's comes to mind. I can't remember the name of the place just off I-35W just north of downtown that has a mariachi band on weekends. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? For 24 hour dining, remember the holy quadrinity of Denny's, IHOP, Waffle House, and Whataburger (for local color, the Old South pancake house on University). If you want to spend an evening listening to good music, try the Caravan of Dreams. Oh, and for breakfast I'd personally want to go to La Madelaine on Camp Bowie Blvd. (Ridglea area of West Side) for croissants and coffee.

Say hello to the Angels on the Bass Center and lift a Shiner Bock for me! Downtown isn't the same since the subway closed.
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