Casing suggestions, please.
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Where to find some sort of carrying case for a small notebook computer?

Needed: a carrying case (approximately 6" x 11") to fit a small notebook computer. Could be larger, but snug enough so the unit doesn't slide around. I wish I could find something like a large padded nylon envelope I could zip it into. It doesn't have to be a "computer case" per se, it doesn't need a handle, so any alternative suggestions are welcome, perhaps even preferable.

Also, are there any sites selling computer cases that give the option to search by size required?
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These guys say they'll make one to your specs. I have one for a powerbook that works well.
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Tom Bihn makes an excellent bag. From your description, sounds like Soft Cell ought to do the job. For something heftier, I have a Monolith that's saved my ass a few times. Use the 'fit list' thing on the site to figure what's best for your laptop.
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Yeay! I get to be the first to recommend Waterfield. I have a sleevecase which I think is what you are looking for. I can't say enough good things about mine.
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My suggestion may seem a little odd, but you may want to try hitting a couple of gun/ sporting goods stores. The size case you want is basically that of a dual pistol case.

They come in all shapes and sizes, but generally they are very rugged, have decent padding, and are usually vastly cheaper than something you would buy for a PC.
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These are fairly functionally equivalent to a large padded nylon envelope.
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Echoing radioamy, I've been very happy with my Waterfield laptop sleeve. It looks like they've added a lot of customization features since I bought mine four years ago - for instance, the standard sleeve is fastened with a Velcro strap, but you can now add a flap if you so desire.
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I carry my 10" laptop around in a Shoreline laptop sleeve - you can unzip it and use the laptop whilst it's still inside.
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It sounds like a bag targeted at the (just recently discontinued) 12" Powerbook/iBook would fit your computer. You may even be able to find something on sale.
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I've been happy with this wrap from RoadWired. It's inexpensive and just the right size for a 12 inch laptop.

Haven't used one, but I hear good things about the Waterfield sleeves as well.
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maybe Bailey Works, Timbuk2, or Chrome?
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I'm with Drunken_munky: Bihn bags rock. His "Brain Cells" are basically padded, sized-to-fit laptop sleeves that can be tossed inside larger bags.
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I agree with Drunken_munky and enrevanche. Bihn bags are great. I keep my 12" PowerBook in a Brain Cell, which is sturdy enough to carry on its own with a shoulder strap. But it's usually inside my Brain Bag backpack or my Empire Builder briefcase. All are very sturdily made.
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Thanks for all your suggestions! I need something a bit smaller and more minimal than most are offering, however the Waterfield's are amazing looking and Timbuk2, Chrome are beautiful, I may get one of these for my regular-sized notebook. The pistol case was a great suggestion especially price-wise and I was hoping someone would come up with an alternative like that. Thanks again for finding all these!
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