Getting .flac files from Azureus to iTunes
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How do I get a .flac file from Azureus to iTunes?

I'm running Mac OS X 10.3. I don't really know much about bittorrent downloading, but usually I'm succesful if I just wait for the file to download in Azureus and then go to "my files" and click "open" on the files (which have always previously been .mp3) and then they magically appear in iTunes. However, I now have downloaded some files that are in .flac form as opposed to the usual .mp3 form and when I click "open" nothing happens.

I did download a .flac converter (MACflac), but I can't even figure out how to get the files from Azureus to the converter. Any help would be much appreciated. Also, I'm not much of a techie (obviously) so please go easy.
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xAct is a drag-and-drop converter for all kinds of fancy audio formats: drag the FLACs from the Finder to the xAct "decode" window, select AIFF, and hit the button: the resulting files will open just fine in iTunes, where you can convert them to AAC or MP3 or Apple Lossless or what have you.
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And you can download it here, sorry.
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Azureus stores downloaded files in ~/Library/Application Support/Azureus/Download by default, I believe (~ refers to your home directory in this notation). You'll likely want to clean up that folder eventually since it sounds like you're having iTunes copy into its own library by default. If not, you should probably have them in a music folder of some sort.
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Doesn't Azerueus have an option to open the folder containing a downloaded item? That would be your first step.
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OK, here's some suggestions.

I suggest you set up a dedicated folder for your Azureus downloads. Go to your Finder and make sure you have a Finder Window open (File>New Window if you don't). On the left should be the names of some folders. Click on your main folder (it will be your name or whatever you called it when you set it up.) Failing that, click on Music or Documents. Which one is not important. Right-click in the window on the right in this folder and choose New Folder. You will get a folder called untitled folder. Call it something like Azureus, Downloads or whatever you will easily remember. Click to the right of it (to make the name stick) and then drag this new folder to the list of folders on the left. You will now have an easy way to check your Azureus downloads.

Of course, you have to tell Azureus where it is. Go to Azureus, Click on Azureus on the menu at the top and then Preferences. Click on Files (should be third one down). About half-way down (on the right) is something called Save to default directory. Make sure the box to the left of this is checked. Click on the image of a folder (to the far right) and then try and find the folder you just created. When you have done this, click Choose and then Save (bottom left). Azureus will now save all future downloads to this folder. (Current ones will stay where they are.) Click the x next to Options at the top to close this box.

Back to MacFlac. It probably came as a .gz file (mine did). You will need StuffIt to decompress it. (If you don't have theStuffIt Expander (it's free) get it from Once StuffIt Expander is installed, double-click on the MacFlac .gz. It will automatically create a new file ending in .dmg. Double-click on this and you will get a new window with four files, one called Mac Flac with a picture of a hand in a sort of StarTrek salute. Drag this to where it says Applications in the left of the Finder (where you recently dragged your Azureus download folder). Go to Applications and click on the newly created MacFlac icon (it will probably be at the bottom of the folder.) You will get a window. Drag the flac files from where mikeh said they were and select the format you want (on the right) - probably wav. Choose output directory (click on Set below where you chose the format). You may want to create a new folder for these in Music. Click on decode. Et voilĂ .

E-mail me (in profile) if you need more info/help.
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Thanks, TheRaven and everyone else, I got it to work!
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