TLC, my friend, and her toes.
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Apparently an old friend of mine was on some TLC show, but I'm not sure which one, or when. Can you help?

Her name is Rachel (6' blonde girl) and she was (at some point) talking about her toe(s) being chopped off by a door. Strange, eh? I would guess that it aired in the passed 6 months. That's all the info I have... sorry! Anyone out there happen to see this?
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Best answer: Was it 99 Most Bizarre Self-Inflicted Injuries? Check your local listings, mine say they will show it again on Thursday of this week. (Came across this on the TV last night, which is how I made the connection.)
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Just a note, I didn't see her on the show (didn't watch the whole thing), but this sounds like the most likely one for it to be.
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Best answer: I think I saw an television ad for this. She's saying something like, "I'm young, I'm hot, and now I don't have toes!" The ad was for TLC's show "99 Most Bizarre Self-Inflicted Injuries." I'll see if I can find a link. On preview: blast! But perhaps my ingenious quotation will help.
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Best answer: Oh, and if I remember correctly, the ad showed her with her left foot's toes missing. And she was definitely blonde.
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Best answer: This must be it. This listing states: "99 Most Bizarre Self Inflicted Injuries New series. Countdown show highlighting spectacular errors and mishaps from across the globe. Featuring self-inflicted injuries including a man's disastrous fall during a cheese-racing contest in Gloucestershire, an angry woman who accidentally chopped off two of her toes after slamming a door and a policeman who literally shoots himself in the foot. " Ouch.
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Response by poster: Thanks - that's gotta be it.
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