How do I tie a decent bow on a dress or coat?
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I have a trenchcoat that ties in the front, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to make a bow that doesn't look lopsided. Is there an illustrated guide to this somewhere? I've checked Google, but all I can find are guides to making floral bows or tying neckties.
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I've never had this problem, as mine has a leather "buckle." Maybe you can get one that matches your coat and use that instead?
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How about tying a square knot instead of a bow?
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None of my trenchcoat belts are long enough to tie a bow, so I use a square knot as ArsncHeart suggests. However, if you have a long enough belt, you could try this knot. It's actually a square knot too, just with the bights (loops) left in place instead of pulled through. Good for shoelaces, as well.
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...although I should point out, if you already tie a standard shoelace knot, the above knot ends up being the same thing- it just may be easier to make it look even.
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I don't think I've ever seen one tied as a bow. They generally just tie as a knot and the long ends hang down.
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Oh, and you could also use my partner's technique. She gets me to do it. Tying an even bow behind the back can be awkward.
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Yeah, I don't think I've ever seen a trenchcoat belt tied in a bow either. Always a square knot, whether it's tied in front or in back. BTW, an easy way to remember the sequence of a square knot is "right over left, left over right."
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I think a bow on a trench coat would look silly. Square knot's the way to go. Don't even have to worry about it being lopsided.
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If you're tying a shoelace knot, it's possible to tie it "backwards" in the same way that a granny knot is backwards relative to a square knot. Try tying the first half-knot backwards from what you normally do. I discovered recently that I'd been doing this backwards all my life -- it also helps keep shoes from coming untied to do it correctly. Though, not having a trench coat, I have no idea what the right knot is in the first place.
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A knot? Just twist them together, you know like the first part of the knot when tying your shoes, or the first half of a square knot. Most belts hold reasonably well with a single twist, some need two. Do not tie a bow - you will look like a dork. A square knot is not much better, but if the belt is really slippery then fine, but what a pain to untie.
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Agree with caddis. Just tie with a single overhand knot, like a bathrobe.
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But don't tie 'em up in the back, that also looks dorkish. If you don't have a need for the belt, or find it uncomfortable, just remove it and turn your trench coat into The Executive.
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Knot in back = calculator on belt (of course styles can change and calculators on the belt can be the new black).
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You can get a perfect bow every time if you just resort to the child's bow (the one you probably learned first when you learned to tie your shoes)-- that's the one made from knotting 2 loops, one loop held in each hand. You'll have better control over the size of each loop that way.
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