phpBB help needed! Deleted admin account.
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I accidentally deleted my phpBB admin account while attempting to delete myself as a user, now I can't admin my own forum! What now?

I've already asked for help on the official forum for this program (my thread is here), two people offered suggestions, neither of which I've been able to make work... and now no one else on there is responding to my pleas for help. Can anyone here possible tell me what to do in order to get access to my admin panel?

Here is what was already suggested, and the problems I've had with each:

- One person told me to download his "Admin Toolkit" (link seems to be down at the moment but it was working last night), which is supposed to let me set up a password by which I can login to admin panel. I installed it as instructed, but now there is a cookie issue which I can't figure out, and so I still can't log in. When try to log in it tells me that I need to allow cookies to be accepted. Cookies are already allowed to be accepted but I still keep getting that error message, both in Firefox and IE. Have tried clearing all stored cookies, made sure settings are allowing all cookies, still... I get the cookie error and can't go any further. Tried askin that guy for help, no reply.

- Another person told me to do this: "Register a new user. Go into phpMyAdmin and browse the phpbb_users in the board's database. Find the user that you created and edit the user_rank to 1." I did all of the above. The rank for that user is now set to 1. When I log in as that user, they are not showing up as the admin and the link to access the admin panel is still not available. When I manually enter the url for the admin panel and try to get in, it tells me that this user is not authorized to do so.

So now I'm totally stumped and don't know what to do or try next. I'm a newbie at all this so I'm not well versed at all in php, phpMyAdmin or MySql. This is a big active forum and I must get in as the admin to do admin stuff ASAP! If anyone could help me out here I would be most grateful. Please be gentle and thorough with any instructions... please tell me each and every step so I can get it right the first time. Thanks in advance!
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Changing the user manually in the database should've worked. Weird that it didn't.

Anyway, create another database, install phpBB into that instance, including the superuser account. Finally, import the super user acount into your other instance.

That should work..
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Response by poster: Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately you're speaking another language! I have no idea how to create another database or do any of the importing you mentioned. Is this something you could possibly be able to give me a brief step by step of how to do?

Any ideas as to why my manual change to the user didn't work? I know it took, when I login to the phpMyAdmin that user is still listed with a rank of 1, but the changes are not carrying through to the forum or giving me access. Was there something else I needed to do other than just change the rank and save it?
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Response by poster: Hmmm. Ok well, I figured out how to add another instance of phpBB. I don't see anything about a superuser though, although the account I created made me the admin by default. Is this user now the superuser you mentioned... and if yes, how do I import this user to the other forum?
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