Friday night adventure.
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Where can we go an adventure on a Friday night (in the SF Bay Area)?

A friend and I want to get out and have some sort of funky adventure tonight in the Bay Area. Money and driving time are flexible, but preferably not something food-based - we'll both have eaten already. What could we do that would be loads of fun, something we've probably never done, and something we might never think to do? Sorry for the general question, but I don't want to narrow it down and miss out on an awesome suggestion!
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Rent a mustang and a charger and reenact the Bullitt car chase.
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if jek doens't have the winning idea, i don't know what could top that.

you could go looking for dead bodies/interrupt couples making out on twin peaks.
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I'm not sure what sorts of things you like but I'd suggest the SquidList for getting started looking, or maybe cl events. Things like the transgender performance festival or the KLICK Clinic might be a good time depending on your interests. How much of an adventure do you want this to be? What other "adventure" type stuff have you enjoyed [or not enjoyed]?
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Response by poster: I think we're looking for something along the lines of finding a cool new place we didn't know existed or trying a new activity that we never thought of trying but turns out to be really fun. Does that make sense? So for example if you were like "there's a place in Fremont where you can play upside down glow in the dark yahtzee, it sounds stupid but it's a blast", or "there is an old haunted house off of highway 1 that's really cool to explore" or "there's a store in Berkeley that sells nothing but belt buckles in the shapes of member countries of NAFTA, you have to see it to believe it" - I would be all ears.
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There's a really great bar in Sausalito, across from the ferry docks that has no name. They have a huge dictionary and live music and a great patio and cats. When I was there last week, some guy recited poetry to me, while my friend argued about the nuances of pumpkin ravioli with other regulars. I got hugs from random people when I left.

It's the sort of place where you're a regular once you buy your second round, and we've been twice this week, it's just that entertaining.
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Explore an abandoned hospital?
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Riffing off of kendrak - you could do a "view" night since the weather is so gorgeous. Go to the top of Twin Peaks, go to the top of Diamond Heights, go over to the top of the Marin Headlands (be sure to go all the way over to the top). For the Marin Headlands, you might have to find out if they close at a certain time. In the city, go have a drink at the top of the downtown Marriott Hotel - if you can get a window table, the windows are floor to ceiling. Hop over and get a drink at the Top of the Mark. Or you could go to the East Bay and go to the top of the Oakland Hills or Berkeley Hills and see the view.
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There's visiting the pet cemetary in the Presidio, wading through tourists to get to the Musee Mechanique to play original rock 'em sock 'em robots, there's the japanese tea garden in hayward (yes, Hayward), there's the Columbarium (although I'm not sure what time they close), there's the Sutro bath house ruins to explore by the cliff house, a road trip to Nickle City in San Jo to play original style Dig Dugg, the Winchester Mystery house (overpriced, yet a requirement)

Head to the Capitol Drive-In even further south and watch a movie the way the 50s intended

But coolest of all is heading to Alameda for ice cream and Lucky Ju Ju. Well, cool in a painful nerdy sort of way.
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Off with you to the rooftop bar at Medjool, on Mission street between 21 and 22nd street. Watch the sunset (you'll feel like you're in NYC) and then go over to Foreign cinema for the best food in SF. If you're an oyster person, order the Hog Island Sweetwater or the Humbolt Kumimotos. Both in season and full of ocean-y buttery goodness.

Hurry, you only have a couple hours left...
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Swim to Alcatraz.
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