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As a kid, I once had a book about a rather detailed tourist trip to Alpha Centauri, with lots of graphics. Help me find it!

It was a book I lent from the local library (which means it was here in the Netherlands!) in the mid-1990s. I assume it was a Dutch translation of a foreign book (quite a good chance it was American, I suppose).

Anyway, I remember it starts off with a spaceplane trip to an orbiting station, and then via a few other steps (probably via a Moonbase, but I'm not sure about that) it visits some of the planets of the Solar system, and ultimately the featured tourists transfer to some sort of interstellar vessel, for a journey to Alpha Centauri. One striking detail I remember is that there is some sort of colony in a deep cave in the AC system. This is where the trip ends.

Does this ring any bells?
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This page has a ridiculous amount of extra information. FWIW, I fondly recall these books as well -- I'm not sure what happened to mine...
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And (excuse the posts in repetition) here's a link to an Amazon.com page where you can preorder the newly-revised version of Spacecraft 2100 to 2200 AD.
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We also had a lot of good discussion on these books here.
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