How to bag 3 dozen iZones & film affordably?
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Please...out-Froogle me! Will soon need three dozen or so el cheapo "sticker cameras" -- the kind that spit out tiny pictures with sticker backing. Any links or suggestions on how not to spend a mint on the cameras plus reload film?

I'm feeling particularly out of my depth because many of the sites which carry izone cameras (the only type of this product I could find) offer almost no information about the item, leaving me stuck as far as planning for extra film. Any input greatly appreciated!
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Polaroid is the only company that makes cameras like this, as far as I know. here is the film you need for izone pocket cams. It dosn't seem like polaraoid makes any film for their small format cameras anymore.
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You can still buy pocket sticker film, though.
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Is this Froogle-fu?

$7.90 each for the cameras in 10+ qty, ~$60 shipping for 36. This seems pretty good considering that they're not dirt-cheap on eBay.

I'm willing to bet you one sticker camera that they don't come with any film, but I'll leave that to delmoi's links.
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listen, the polaroid (especially small format) cameras ARE dirt-cheap, even when you buy them new. the problem is the film is always $$$.

i bought all my small format polaroid cameras NEW for about $19.99 (joy cam, izone & i-zone), but the film is about $1.00 to $2.00 for LOW END polaroids, and come usually in packs of 10, so you spend about $10.00 for film.

you might be able to find *expired* film for sale cheaply on ebay, but results of old film in your polaroid small format may vary.
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are you insisting on cameras, or are you really only looking for sticky-paper photos?

I ask, because Post-It just announced camera paper, where you have the picture on one side, and the familiar post-it stickiness all over the other side. I saw an ad for them yesterday on Vancouver TV, you can stick these photos on your fridge, bulletin board etc... they come in most regular photo sizes.
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