Looking for simple gallery creation software
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Alternatives to Simple Viewer gallery creation software?

Looking for something that works pretty simply:

- I point it to an iPhoto gallery.
- it makes a page with thumbnails and links

Can be Flash or whatever, as long as it creates a simple interface. Doesn't have to be free.

I'm on OS X. Web server is Unix.
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BetterHTMLExport perhaps? I didn't have great luck with it, but it's been around a long time and has is fairly popular.

Being more of a server-side guy myself, I'd probably just install Gallery on the server and iPhotoToGallery on the client.
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I agree with majick that iPhotoToGallery is a wonderful solution, but I'm a serverside guy, as well.

You might want to have a look at JAlbum, which works much more in a client-centric mode. I've started converting my old PHP gallery to it, because I find some of the available skins alot more attractive and I'm too impatient to customize Gallery.

You can see my (presently, pretty sparse) test installation here.
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I'm using MiniGal, it's a server-side solution. Pretty easy to set up an maintain, customizing is a bit of work though.
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I use BetterHTMLExport and like it a lot.
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Arles Web Image Creator. I use it commercially for web design, and its VERY easy and VERY customizable.
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Thanks, all!

blag, that looks right up my alley.
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Yes, thanks, blag. Hadn't heard of Slide Show Pro before either. Just bought it and it's great.
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