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New York City pedicure

I'm going to NYC tomorrow to see a friend. I want to suprise her with a really nice mani/pedi, but bliss spa is full. I'm know a few cheaper places that just do the nail thing, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of either a really good downtown nail joint, or a spa type place that rocks. It has to be tomorrow afternoon, or Friday. My feet (and hers) thank you in advance!
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I'm a fan of this place. Some of the pedis are kinda gimmicky, but I like the place, they're really nice, and sometimes gimmicky can be fun.
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From my wife: Rescue Nail Lounge on Gansevoort St. btw Hudson and Greenwich is the best. If you can't get in there, then this place isn't as nice, but the pedicures are, IMO, the best for the price: Passion Nails on 2nd Ave (btw 3rd & 4th).
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Jin Soon is THE best place to get a mani/pedi hands down. It looks like they have multiple locations now, but I've only been to the Jones street one.
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i second rescue.
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J. Sisters International is the place I have always wanted to try (W 57th). I love Brazilian mani-pedi's.
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